2010, The Market Can Not Let Foreign Parts

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2009 in the United States a total of 60 parts supplier filed for bankruptcy protection, this figure exceeds the 2000 and 2008 combined. Seen in this light, gas and industrial prospects of the United States is not optimistic, parts suppliers are still in undesirable situations. Difficulty in financing and high interest rates caused by money-chain problem is that the biggest threat to parts companies.

And parts business in China across the Pacific Ocean less than their U.S. counterparts is clearly feeling the "cold." Explosive in China Car Market, driven by rapid growth of Chinese auto parts company. Total output value of China's auto parts in 2009 will reach 1.2 trillion yuan, up 26.7%. Parts of China the number of companies have also reached 13,000, from 2002 to 2008, the number of Chinese auto parts companies with average annual growth rate of 20%.

2009, due to China's automobile industry-wide growth of more than 40%, auto parts company's capacity expansion will be industry-wide trend.

Go abroad to find new markets

Iran to become a hot market in the Middle East

For the Iranian market development, many Chinese auto companies already begun. Since Iran to fully open its domestic auto market after the Middle East, it has become a hot market. At present, Iran has auto-assembly Cooperation Production operations, export cars to Iran, mainly Japan, Russia, South Korea and France Motors. According to relevant data, the Iranian car market for nearly 7 years, 20% average annual growth rate, market demand will grow 20% annually to 2010, Sell Will be at least 1 million level.

9 begun to open Iran's domestic car market, making it the Middle East a hot car market. Now built in Iran co-production automobile assembly plants and export cars to Iran, mainly Japan, Russia, South Korea and France Motors. They said the market survey, the last 7 years, Iran's auto market demand will average 20% growth in 2009, market demand will grow 20% annually by 2010, sales will reach 1 million at least the level of vehicles. Iran's auto sales last year, more than 400,000 vehicles, the Middle East has become a major auto market. Now, the Iranian car market, the main seller is South Korea's Hyundai, Kia and GM Daewoo their exports to Iran using semi-assembled pieces, assembled in the local production, last year's sales of about 160,000; In addition, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Russian cars Iranian companies are assembling cars. Not long ago, Shanghai Chery company signed with Iran cooperation in Iraq, build car agreement. Local market analysts believe that Iran will become the Middle East a hot car, Japan and South Korea Russia and Germany in the enterprise will be fierce market competition, here.


Suffered in the global economic crisis, the Indian automobile and auto parts market performance after China. India, China and other parts domestic brands and manufacturers to become a very important force in the Indian market. Many domestic parts companies are already developing the Indian market:

Weichai Power started back in 2005, the strategy of the Indian market, 2008 sales reached 10 million U.S. dollars. India as the "BRIC" one of the great market potential, optimism estimated annual sales volume growth to 20% to 30%.

Hong Kong auto parts exports to India has never been high, but in 2006/2007 it rose 344 percent the same period, the mainland of China exports to India have increased 146%. Mainland China in the Indian car market play an increasingly important role in the 2006/2007 fiscal year, exports of cars and the local Motorcycle With the chassis, body and parts worth 2.14 billion dollars.

Currently, China accounts for about India's car (for transport) vehicle import one third of the total value of about 1,000 million dollars a year. 2006/2007, imports surged 760 percent vehicle, including vehicle imports from China 30 from 2005/2006 to 2006/2007 models unit sharp model units in 720 years.

Chassis procurement cost for each 10,000 to 12,000 U.S. dollars, 2006/2007, South Korea and supply of 2,600 dollars for each chassis. Over the same period, Russia is the largest chassis supplier, accounting for India's imports 46% of the chassis, the supply price of 26,000 dollars each.

Indian market potential components can not be ignored, but the biggest problem is the price war between Chinese enterprises. According to reports, wish to enter the Indian market this large number of Chinese enterprises, the study also are often fighting single-handedly, will inevitably be blind, and even considering that India is a strategic market and low purchasing power, in order to dominate the market, China the first price war among enterprises, at losing money on Chinese products detrimental to the overall image and brand. The present situation a bit like the first Chinese motorcycle to enter the Indian markets, the hope that the Chinese auto parts enterprises to seriously think this "lesson" was not to "repeat."

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2010, The Market Can Not Let Foreign Parts

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