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One, find their own core business

Chinese old saying "Women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, afraid of the wrong man," SMEs create a new brand, too, can choose an ideal innate competitiveness of their industries will naturally achieved a preliminary success.

To identify the core business enterprises must understand the industry environment: First, we must understand the industry competitors, that competition between existing companies; The second is to predict the potential threat of new entrants; Third, the evaluation from the client to meet new demands of consumers; Fourth, the evaluation of suppliers; Fifth, analysis and evaluation of emerging market similar products. Enterprises must clear insight into their position, play to his advantage.

We often say, "man without thought, there must be the near future", for the development of the enterprise itself is true, there must be a core business goal that is at least 5-10 years, at least in the Chinese market 5 years . There is a premise that goal must be bold and mature strategic goals, rather than stay in profit,


The amount of such "digital level" low-level goals. When established as Disney, its objective is to bring joy to the world;


In the newly created product when the goal is to sell all over the world to change the West's impression of the quality of their products; Nike recently created the goal is very clear, that is, "I want to beat Adidas" In fact, within a decade it really more than Adidas. To create a brand for the Chinese long-term business, the objectives need to be completed quickly with the idea of consensus.

This we can see, to find their core business and not just simply set the direction and status of the industry, more importantly, companies have core consciousness (ie, core values and core mission), is more important is the leadership on the business objectives and actions to reach a consensus, including the six elements of business success, that strategic positioning, the focus of a clear response to the challenges of the feedback system, development speed and flexibility, corporate culture.

Accurately identify their own core business, you can define the following four aspects:

1, product or idea


Develop the product or the development of services standards;

2, the definition of market scope, the product is to meet the material needs of consumers or the spiritual needs, for which a group;

3, division of industry boundaries, companies which operate in the field of the entry, define their core business.

4, define the brand's core values, find the point of communication with consumers.

Second, how and big brand competition?

This is a modern Chinese products in many small and medium size manufacturers and service providers often think about. If the honest answer, that is: they should not compete with big brands. Since most big brands have long dominated the mass market, then why do they still go and compete with them? Instead, small businesses should focus on developing niche markets, looking for has not yet been fully developed market. Methods of attack or take wing, take a different regional market approach. Because the market differentiation will become a major market trends, build a strong corporate brand has become a major challenge, which will certainly provide more opportunities for SMEs to enter and maintain niche markets that big brands often can not or will not bother to pursue that market. Find a niche market is creating a strong competitive brands may have a way.

(1) market niche opportunities

When SMEs have been found in the main market leading brands


When the market should take into account the differentiation problem. Over time, the market will be subdivided into a number of consumer group or market segment, general products and services they want according to their specific preferences can be customized. Not for big business to take care of consumer groups, to meet their needs, market opportunities will emerge.

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This article was published on 2010/10/18