Correction Is The Start Time

in Market

With Haier , Beauty and other home appliances small home appliances giant have to increase investment in

Kitchen appliances Market Competition Also intensified. A series of actions is always dazzling, the price war

Energy War, Health Endless war and so on. Expected, with the

Brand The increased concentration of small home appliances small brands out rate will be as much as large household appliances. With the increasing development of science and technology, use of kitchen appliances at home has become increasingly evident, and kitchen electrical integration process of the advancement of kitchen appliance trends both from a technical and quantity will increase.

Kitchen appliances Package Including stove, range hood,

Disinfection Cabinets, Cooker , Microwave ovens, Water heater , Electric pressure cooker, oven, etc.. In this essay, only stove, range hood and disinfection cabinet to focus on reviewing.

Cooker China Gas stoves 90 in the last century into the market, there is now a huge market space. 2006 and 2007, two years will be about 2,000 million market capacity. China, a market still a lot of room, two, three market potential is immeasurable. "West to East" project to implement the development of more gas stove industry provided a rare opportunity for development.

Industrial clusters in Guangdong accounted for 60% of domestic production, representing the size of the road gas stove, Zhejiang brand mostly small and medium enterprises but the choice of high-end line of the road brand, focusing on market-level cities in China . Two major industrial clusters to have different competitive advantages, the two clusters in the future the Chinese market have their own market, there is competition in both markets while being conducive to speed up the training process. Brand and size of the game will be a win-win results.

But industry concentration is low, showing scattered, chaotic, bad situation

Spare Parts Market needs to be strengthened to improve the quality. As the government, industry, machine market more concerned about security and reliability problems, neglected parts of quality management, causing confusion in the market objectively accessories brand influenced the development of enterprises.

Stove industry net profit Can be seen from the figure, the gas stove in 2003 the industry average profit of 13%, in 2004 industry average profit significantly lower decline of 5 percentage points. Industry profit this significant change is due to the 2003 market prices of raw materials, resulting in domestic production costs, lower profits. As the price transmission lag, this effect was highlighted in 2004, gas stove industry. Macroeconomic adjustment by the state in 2005, the international market price of local raw material market down. Industry profits in 2005 show the trend rise. Expected in 2006, industry profits will continue to have weak upgrade.

Gas stove according to the 2005 market performance, market consumption in the four basic characteristics. First, VFD display and features such as the favorite time of agreement. Second, the appearance of a more personalized, furniture Feature significant. Third, the "electricity", "gas" used together to become more demand for the new hot stove. Fourth, the "combination stove," a new favorite cooker market.

Mainstream gas stove by installation into desktop and embedded. Desktop and embedded in the price there is a big difference. According to the 2003? 2005 gas stove price changes can be seen, desktop, embedded gas stove average price upward trend in the last two years were tested, including gas stoves embedded desktop prices higher than average annual growth of 3 percentage points.

Expected in 2006, both the desktop or embedded gas stove, prices remain about 10% growth in the rate of increase of embedded gas stove gas stoves will be slightly higher than the desktop.

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Correction Is The Start Time

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This article was published on 2010/10/24