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Incandescent era, means that market demand for energy-saving lamps will be further expanded. This accounts for energy-saving lamp production 1 / 3, nearly 70% of the exports of the EU's Zhejiang Province, it is definitely encouraging news.

The domestic market is simply

Energy saving lamp enterprises in Zhejiang feeling good day is approaching when the experts are poured a bucket of cold water for.

Experts believe that, although exports may expand, but the application of energy-saving lamps in the EU have been relatively common incandescent if banned, market share growth is also limited. Thus, while in strengthening exports, expanding domestic market, is the fundamental energy-saving manufacturing enterprise development.

Experts from this proposal has its solid basis, according to statistics on the production of energy-saving lamps in China, 80% for export. While the world's largest producer of energy-saving lamps, but the use of quantity, China's equivalent to the U.S. only 1 / 3.

However, in only a small fraction of the domestic market, the number of good quality brand, few, not many products at competitive prices. Although, China has mastered the core technology of energy saving lamps, but the quality as high prices, are not recognized in the domestic market, some large, with considerable strength of manufacturers producing basic to abandon the domestic market, with more than 90% of the product on exports. Remaining in the domestic market of energy saving lamps, a large number of failed compliance from small businesses, its low light efficiency, short life and fast light failure, but low prices are still popular in the market.

Meanwhile, as foreign markets to our lighting company anti-dumping, also makes energy-saving lamp manufacturer Zhejiang need to add more sales channels. Since 2001, China's exports to the EU despite the increasing number of energy-saving lamps, prices have declined year by year. 2000, 2004, China's energy-saving lamp industry also suffered twice the EU Anti-dumping and other trade remedy measures in circumvention of "attacks."

In addition, there are deeper reasons. "In fact, energy-saving lamps for domestic market, exporters expand domestic sales channels, more positive." The expert explained that the involvement of high-quality brand products, will promote competition in the industry to restructure, upgrade, once the competition turned to technology upgrades energy-saving lamp industry are facing pressure also is expected to ease.

At the same time, domestic market development of energy-saving lamps have long been well-developed plan. Following the Ministry of Construction in the "" Eleventh Five-Year "Plan Town Green Lighting Project," requests, China will step up efforts to promote green lighting project, focusing on public facilities, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, stadiums, residential buildings in the promotion of efficient energy-saving lighting, energy saving targets put forward in urban lighting 5%, by 2010, city lighting energy efficient lighting application rate will reach 85%. The just-concluded two of the country, the lower energy consumption, energy conservation has become a representative, members of an important topic.

Optimistic about the domestic leading enterprises

In fact, many export enterprises had promising domestic market.

Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Lighting is also pleased to Doulin Ping said: "At present China has a large number of excellent energy-saving lamp manufacturer, Zhejiang Sunshine, Xiamen Topstar, U.S. TCP, Foshan snow Wright, NVC lighting companies such as Shanghai Luyuan , generous investment in energy-saving lamp production to export markets other companies have also begun to pay attention mainly in the domestic market promotion. "

As Doulin Ping Secretary-General said, in Zhejiang, the sun, lighting and other energy-saving lamp production Morninghope leading enterprises have started the layout for the domestic market. As a major support of energy-saving lamps, Zhejiang Province, the production company, Zhejiang Morninghope lighting the one hand, strengthen ourselves in the foreign market, it also began to expand the domestic market.

Gancai Ying, general manager of Zhejiang Morninghope Lighting Co., Ltd. said: "We in the foreign market, the development of the domestic market accumulated considerable resources and capabilities. At present, Morninghope lighting will adjust their development strategies, the implementation of the strategy both internally and externally. In addition, We will also select the Shandong and Jiangsu. It is located in the coastal markets, rapid economic development, consumers and distributors have high brand recognition ability of the brand recognition is higher than other markets. that these two region as a benchmark for the domestic market to develop and maintain. "

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Energy saving lamps - China Lcd projector lamps - Projector bulb

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This article was published on 2011/04/30