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There are two definitions for the word Forex. It is, along with FX an anagram for the foreign exchange market which trade's currencies. In a Forex trade, you buy one currency while simultaneously selling another - that is, you're exchanging the sold currency for the one you're buying. The foreign exchange market is an over-the-counter market. The other Forex is a major conglomerate that is, in their own words, a global provider of online trading services, servicing customers in more than 140 countries. In the next few minutes I will attempt to educate you on both of these terms, and what they can mean to your future. For a long time the foreign exchange market has been one of the  financial world's best kept secrets. This is hard to believe considering it is the largest market in the world and accept for weekends trades 24 hours a day. It was mostly the playground for large banks, corporations and hedge fund managers.

If this is your first venture into Forex, you must understand that they play by a whole different set of rules. With average daily turnover of US$3.2 trillion, forex is without a doubt the most traded market in the world. Starting  Sunday 5:00 P.M. ET to Friday 5:00 P.M. ET, forex trading begins in Sydney, and moves around the globe as the business day begins, first to Tokyo, London, and New York. So trading currencies is unlike other financial markets, because investors can respond immediately to currency fluctuations, whenever they occur – day or night.

Because of automated software platforms  currency traders cannot only compete with the pros, they can use these robots 24 hours a day. With the right platform Forex day trading can seem almost like a vacation for the trader who is use to dealing with other financial products in other markets. Perhaps you have seen a recent infomercial showing how easy it is to trade currencies, or you are a seasoned trader looking to branch out. It makes no difference about your experience, only your will to expand your scope of investments. For a long time the foreign exchange market had been one of the  financial world's best kept secrets. Remember you  are trading currency, which is vulnerable to political and economic news, so any platform must have access to view up to the minute news headlines and market commentary.

These programs can be set to scan the market looking for the origins of profitable trends. Once it has found what it deems as a reliable trading opportunity, it invests accordingly. The fact that because they are entirely automated and digital, these robots can react to changes faster than a human trader, and thus know exactly what to look for. It will follow the trade's performance along in the market step by step minute by minute with the purpose being of keeping you on the money earning side of that trade for as long as possible. You are always shielded from losing your investment because, once the market fluctuates out of your favor as it will inevitably and eventually do, the program trades away the now bad investment.

To be affective the platform should meet at least a minimum of three qualifications.

1. It must be able to offer live streaming technical data. (Otherwise the program is merely educational)   

2 Visually it has to be large enough for all the data to be seen easily. (Many of the online brokerage's technical data are too small to be useful)

3. It must be cost effective. (Most good systems can be purchased for between one and two hundred dollars)

The Forex  platforms not only meet but exceed these qualifications. They not only offer live streaming technical data, but you can view real-time prices in 37 currency pairs and spot gold. Also you can execute market orders with just one mouse click and choose from eight available order types.

I don't profess to being an expert, but I do know of some. I obviously don't have the time to go into all the details now, but at my site  Market Mentalist you will find all you need to know about investing online. There is access to some of the top trading systems available including Forex  software, books, newsletters, and Forums. Also you will find the most up to date articles on Online Trading, including additional information on Forex Trading Methods...Trading Currency the Easy Way. Whether you are an inquisitive novice or a seasoned pro Market Mentalist offers the online investment resource you just might be seeking

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Forex Trading Currency The Easy Way

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This article was published on 2010/03/28