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According to statistics, in 2005 the global microwave oven market demand of 4,000 million units in 2004
The capacity of nearly 20 million units, LG Tianjin base capacity of 1,000 million U.S.'s also completed a 10 million units production base, only the three business capacity had reached 40 million units, far higher than the global capacity required by the market value, if coupled with Panasonic,
, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc., the difference was more pronounced for the severe over-demand. In this case, the majority of enterprises have chosen
Price war

Glanz said spokesman Juan, Galanz aware of a simple price war years, the disadvantages of turning to the technology war. In the market for different consumer needs, market segments and enhance the technical content of the market war.

Galanz CEO Liang Zhaoxian that China's home appliance industry needs to seize the high ground in technological innovation, to control the global home appliance manufacturer, prior control of core technology and core components of the research and development, self-supporting capability and technology leadership is the home appliance industry continued to
Force the key.
According to Juan
introduced since 2000, Glanz has maintained accounts for the technical input throughout the year
Three percentage points the amount of input, from 2000 to 2004 only 4 years, Glanz's technology R & D investment on over 1,000,000,000 yuan, during which developed the digital light wave oven, steam and microwave ovens with their own light
Intellectual property rights
And has a very specific patent. 10 years, were developed in 2000 Galanz variety of microwave products, and marketing and R & D capabilities will be more variety into the microwave oven industry, high performance, customized, personalized, functional diversification of the track. As Galanz in sticking to the "puerile" market
The same time has introduced high-tech products, high-grade microwave oven needs to be excited out ahead of time, high-end market grew and grew.

While ago, Galanz microwave oven for a national price adjustments, a microwave oven industry caused a great shock, we think that a new round of price war is coming. In fact, Glanz has been demonstrated in early to take the high road, does not advocate a simple price war. Prior to the price adjustment is the "no high-end" new
An important step in the strategy.

Juan that in this case, according to consumer demand Galanz initiative, motivation and buying behavior of the diversity and differences to segment the market, will help consolidate the Galanz in the market dominance, while further enhancing the product competitiveness Galanz and enhance product profitability. This is the Galanz new strategy in the market. "You drop your price, I earn my money. Everybody seems to get along, but after 10 years you will like this pattern? Market who will verify whether the path is correct." Juan said.
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Glanz Microwave Oven: Features Marketing Made Efforts On Market Segments - Glanz, Microwave Oven,

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Glanz Microwave Oven: Features Marketing Made Efforts On Market Segments - Glanz, Microwave Oven,

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