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At present, steel-plastic tube growth in previous years reached 15%, the highest in the world top three. This growth rate is satisfactory, and indicates a huge market capacity and the industry flourished. With our national economy and rapid development of infrastructure and the adjustment of national industrial policy, the Ministry of Construction since 1998 'Plastic in' policy introduced, the national market to gradually accept the new Environmental protection Plastic Pipe, therefore, energy-saving environment-friendly pipe tap potential market is huge, unlimited business opportunities. And development in recent years, steady-state control, butt welding, aluminum pipe, steel plastic composite tube, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) hollow wall winding pipe and other new products are very environmentally friendly pipe market, total market growth rate of around pipe four times the average growth rate. 2010, pipe and fitting into the brand of the times, pipe brand market is a mixed blessing.

Hi huge market potential 2010 published 'material to the countryside' new policy. Lead pipe materials to rural areas to rural areas, South China City Pipe, Interior Decoration network will use plastic pipe, plastic pipe into the market Marketing High, so the level of plastic raw materials for the pipe, and will be very tight.

It is estimated that the domestic market demand for plastic pipe may be at an annual rate of more than 12% continue to grow, especially as China is accelerating the pace of modern urban construction, strengthen the wastewater treatment, the water supply and drainage systems, building heating system water, sewage, gas, heating pipe, large diameter underground pipe and so on will be very broad application prospects in 2010, production in China will reach 4.5 million tons of plastic pipes, to reach 6 million tons in 2015, when China will become the world's plastic pipe production on the largest countries. Thus, the pipe manufacturing companies need to seize the opportunity to continuously open up new application areas, strengthen the brand upgrade.

Worry Brand chaotic market Indeed many kinds of building materials market competitive. Whether the high medium and low, levels of each market has a few or even dozens of brand competition, but also by the different grades of products competing pipe market, mainly in the following product brands: PE tube (high density polyethylene water supply, gas pipe) market brands are: Taurus, Master Po, together plastic, Kinder, solid ground, Baidie brands; PP-R pipe market brands are: Alliance Plastics, Taurus, Kinder, Jiang Tong, Jiang special, Icahn, Wei-star dual-Di, on plastic, fixed to brands. In addition, the steady-state pipe, butt-welding aluminum-plastic composite pipes, steel plastic composite tube, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) hollow wall winding pipe and other new product markets more competitive. As the pipe severe market homogeneity, as consumers do not understand the product knowledge, product information and market caused by the severe asymmetry, the general appearance and price, from only select few to purchase a particular brand name, which makes a lot of corporate and business analysis is easy to mistake the market, so not selling at all, ignore the brand image, brand and consumer led out of touch, consumers can not buy genuine quality products.

Worry brand awareness in general relatively weak
Weak sense of pipe brands, marketing, network construction is lagging behind, combined with low technical and financial barriers to entry, making the scale of most enterprises in general is not, marketing the single, higher marketing costs, lack of brand strategy, target market and market segments little research and response measures, surrounded them and buried on the dry, for technology, quality, updating and upgrading to consider less, when competition intensifies, many enterprises find themselves in a channel conflict and escalating costs, revenue decline Customer complaints continue, a significant reduction in satisfaction with the embarrassing predicament. How to cut a way to survive in the market? In addition to other marketing channels, it must be spent Vigorously Gas is to create a full range of business, channels and consumers together a strong brand recognition, which holds a solid market position of the future.

Worry unknown consumer environment market Pipe on the building materials industry market and industry market trends and consumer groups, consumer environment is unknown.

Way to high-level steel-plastic market development is inseparable from the brand productivity.
'In the future, we must increase efforts to build enterprise products, brand strength'
1. To do business not just business, pure businessmen and corporate managers have a certain distinction. To resolve the difficulties facing the plastic pipe industry to regulate the industry along the road of sustained and rapid development of an orderly, on the one hand to strengthen the norms and rectify market order, on the other hand requires the industry took to the enterprises themselves as soon as possible to technological innovation, substantial improvement of the quality of the way first.

2. Must branding to create healthy competition in the market mechanism and self-protection system.
3. Learn how to brand and how to create a brand strategy to meet market demand.

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Pipe And Fitting Into The Era Of Market Precipitation Mixed Brand - Pipe Fittings, Pipe - Hc Network

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Pipe And Fitting Into The Era Of Market Precipitation Mixed Brand - Pipe Fittings, Pipe - Hc Network

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