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Recently, reporter learned from the dealer, before of concern
Samsung Projector SP-P400B has recently become available, now part of the media quoted at 7999. SP-P400B, Samsung released mini portable entertainment machines, because of its "small body, big quality," the outstanding characteristic was a "projection magician" in the world.

Samsung Projector SP-P400B So-called "small body, big quality" is, as applied SP-P400B LED cold light source is more advanced, it can easily be 4 14 6 (cm) size and the appearance of only 850g of weight, which can be considered as absolute "projector palm-sized." But the "small body" still able to achieve perfect image quality results large. In less than 3 meters, it can project a high-quality images up to 80 inches. LED projector currently on the market the highest of 150 lumens brightness and 1000:1 high contrast ratio, to create extraordinary visual effects, makes the SP-P400B fully meet the various applications of personal entertainment, to become truly "movable Home Theater. " Meanwhile, SP-P400B can also be applied to, for example, finance, insurance industry on key customers when carrying out small-scale demonstration using propaganda.

The LED cold light source also makes SP-P400B has a long life of 20,000 hours of work to solve the user to worry about maintenance later. And general

Flat Panel TV Compared to life is not at a disadvantage, while the other is a hard act to the projector. Meanwhile, LED cold light speed is also accelerate the switch machine, and because of its lower heat dissipation, extra long boot and will not cause overheating.

Addition, SP-P400B also has a wizard-like sleek black body with an elegant piano black glossy coat, can be intense for home decoration or business working environment, adding a beautiful, stylish skyline.

Although already appeared in October last year and received praise from all sides and sought after, but not in the market to see a large number of SP-P400B spot. According to some dealers introduced since the release from SP-P400B, there have been users consult telephone call asking price and supply situation. A dealer said that once the supply of adequate, I believe that the sales models will be very hot.

It is understood that, in line with the SP-P400B mass market, Samsung projector large-scale co-organized a number of web users try out activities to some friends the first to experience "Projection magician" magic charm.

Present the activities in the major portals, IT and some professional website will be launched. Users simply visit the relevant website page topic of the event, according to request personal information, have the opportunity to participate in the activities. After trial, the performance of activities of users have access to excellent below market price to buy SP-P400B opportunities.

Samsung projection products from entering the Chinese market, on its excellent product quality, strong R & D strength, and excellent design for the outside world praiseworthy. Samsung projection as a leader in one of the family, SP-P400B the overall market, the market will once again wave of waves, can give a satisfactory answer sheet, worth looking forward to.
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Projector Samsung Sp-p400b Magician Full Listing - Projector, Samsung, Mini Projector - Household

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Projector Samsung Sp-p400b Magician Full Listing - Projector, Samsung, Mini Projector - Household

This article was published on 2011/01/10