Researching What Is Market America? Get The Facts Directly From The Source On What Is Market America

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So, just what is Market America? If you are asking this question right now, then it is safe to say that you are doing your own due diligence on the Unfranchise business opportunity. With this said, I am going to answer all of your questions and concerns right now.

As To define what is Market America, it is a bit of a mouth full. Market America is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that is an expert in one-to-one marketing. If you have not heard the term 1 to 1 marketing before, you are not alone. It is a new term - a paradigm shift in term, kind of like franchising was in the 1950s and Microsoft was in the 1970's.

As you probably know, timing is everything. You need to be leading a parade (an opportunity) instead of being caught at the tail end of a parade. You are certainly at the right place and time doing your research and review on what is Market America.

Market America was founded in 1992 as a product brokerage and Internet marketing company specializing in One-to-One Marketing. They're financially strong, have experienced leadership, a proven record of
success, and are positioned for explosive growth. The company employs over 600 people globally with international operations in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The company has close to 4 million customers and they have generated more than $3 billion in accumulated retail sales. What is so impressive about those numbers is the fact that Market America has paid out close to $2 billion to independent business owners in the form of retail profits and commissions.

Let's get a little bit more into what exactly I mean when I say what is Market America in terms of a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that is the world leader in one-to-one marketing.

So let me break it down for you.

Market America is just like Wal-Mart or in the sense that they do not make any of their own products but instead they go out and find the highest quality products and services and then sign exclusive rights with the manufacturers to broker those products through their independent Unfranchise business owners. the fact that they don't actually make or manufacture any of their own products allows them to have no manufacturing expenses or costs or headaches which has allowed them to really grow very profitable in such a short amount of time and also lets them pay out such high commissions to distributors.

By choosing only the very best market-driven products that consumers want and need, there is really no selling going on. This is a phenomenal business model for anyone who hates the idea of 'sales'.

Market America is also an Internet marketing company because
they have the ultimate online destination and shopping site. They have a Portal where a customer or
Unfranchise owner (distributor)
has everything that they would want at one URL, and every UnFranchise Owner has a storefront that's basically their Portal. Rather than having a store, a brick and mortar store, they have a website which is a Portal that Market America builds for them. It's kind of like

So any Market America distributor can now offer anyone anything they desire, need or want making the opportunity for an entrepreneur second to none. when you combine the fact that Market America has 3500 exclusive products and services that can only be found through independent on franchise owner, as well as the fact they have 4000+ partner stores, companies like eBay, Dell Computer, Wal-Mart, Disney, Niemann Marcus, target, , etc, there are over 40 million products and services that are offered at Market America

Next, Market America specializes in One-to-One Marketing. What is that? Well, they combine the Internet
and digital marketing with the power of
people to match product to people and people to product. Let me give you the definition of digital marketing. It's the process where we match products to people's profiles, and in turn, people to the product that they're shopping for based on digital correlations in a
database. It's almost invisible. They customize the display, the presentation, the medium based
on the customer. They may send it to a handheld. They may put it on their computer. They may tell it to them personally. Market America matches
products to people and people to products.

Now, people hate to be sold and love to buy; isn't that true? Now, think about the last time you went into a store, and a salesman came
up and asked, "Can I help you?" What do you say? "Oh, yes, sell me something." No, you say, "Just looking. I'm just here waiting for my wife. Just browsing." Okay. Now, think about
the other part of that story - that line. People hate to be sold, but they love to buy. When you want something, you can't wait to find it. You can't wait to go on the Internet or see a catalog
or go to a store and shop for it and get it and have it delivered. So this is EXACTLY what Market America does.
They simply concentrate on what people want to buy. They find out what
they want to buy, and then find it for them, and that way the independent Market America Unfranchise owner/distributor never has to actually sell anything.

Market America is setting a standard in business in the near future to what all other companies will be comparing themselves to.

Looking to find the best information on What>? Find the best advice on Market America and home based business success for you right now.
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Looking to find the best information on What Is Market America? Find the best advice on Market America and home based business success for you right now.

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Researching What Is Market America? Get The Facts Directly From The Source On What Is Market America

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Researching What Is Market America? Get The Facts Directly From The Source On What Is Market America

This article was published on 2010/11/14